Customer satisfaction through innovation and quality

Garment Engineering

The industrial engineering depts. Do goes its task of evolving procedures that progressively improves on the efficiency levels of the manufacturing units and setting & implementing quality standards never before experienced. The dept specializes in reverse engineering products & redefining operational procedures, through internationally acclaimed standard practices like the General Sewing Data, PROMAN, PRO SMV etc.

R & D center prepares prototypes of work aids and tools customised for specific manufacturing operations involved in the garment manufacturing process and develop more efficient handling techniques to optimize needle time and minimize handling.

Stratigic tie ups with mills

The company has strategic tie up with mills and works closely to innovate and constantly update the fabric collection .

PPC Department (Process planning & Control Systems)

From what to do, when to do and how to do the PPC department is responsible for the smooth execution of all the processes in garment manufacturing. The PPC acts as soon as an order is placed with a ruthless approach towards the objective of providing the customer with end products of the highest quality and guaranteed timely delivery.

All the plans are made and executed by the PPC department at growel impex. PPC department keeps a close look at whether everything is progressing according to the plan, chasing other department heads on daily basis to keep plan on track. They update order wise completed tasks on the Time & action Calendar. When they find something is going to be late they expedite and create an alarm about the delay.

One of the factors that enhances the PPC is the ability to “strategic thinking” that typically goes into the planning process because a brilliant plan that is poorly executed is almost worthless. The PPC follows SMART Goals,i.e,

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Relevant
T – Time bound

Strategic Thinking + Strategic Planning + Execution Planning.

Job or Task Scheduling: Material resource planning, process selection planning and execution, estimating costs of production, quality control systems, line planning, capacity planning makes growl impex more cost efficient over others.

Cloud based ERP

Growel Impex relays on a highly advanced cloud based ERP system for smooth functioning and communication in the entire company by keeping all the departments synchronized in real time. Being cloud based, real time data is easily accessible anytime anywhere over the internet through the ERP. The ERP software provides a new dimension of visibility across all departments into design and plans, production status, quality control, inventory, cost of manufacturing goods and more. It enables better, smoother coordination and execution of all related processes and procedures to function efficiently along with enhancing the product quality and ensuring timely delivery to the customers.

Inhouse Lab

Growel Impex has its own in house lab which allows to conduct all the basic tests required during the manufacturing of any garment in order to meet internationally acclaimed standards. The basic tests such as the fiber content, yarn count, count construction, tear strength, tensile strength testing, gsm testing of fabric, weighing of material, rubbing fastness(dry and wet), shrinkage testing, colour bleeding tester, colour fastness to washing, ph testing, ageing test of physical properties, colour matching, pilling test, pull test are all performed in the fully equipped lab at Growl Impex.

Stratigic tie ups with govt textiles research associations (member NITRA)

Growel impex has tie ups with organisations such as nitra to develop new technology and to develop a new approach towards business development where the industry and educational institute work hand in hand for a better and advanced future for the industry.

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